The Patchwork Vest Rises


I have a new project in the works.  No, I’m not talking about a book (though I am doing one of those too).  What I have is this snazzy new vest.  My plan is to fill it up with patches dedicated to all the cool geeky things that I love.  Every time I add a new patch, I’ll post about it in this blog and explain why I picked it and what it means to me.

To kick things off, I’ve added the first two inaugural patches, both of which represent two of the heaviest hitters in the world of sci-fi.

First up…

Star Wars.


What can I say about this franchise that hasn’t been already said by countless people across the globe?  I still remember watching Empire Strikes Back at the drive-in theater when I was just a wee lad.  The spectacle.  The effects.  The music.  Ah, what’s not to love?  These films will be around for countless generations like Greek Mythology or the works of Shakespeare.

When picking a patch, I had to go with this one.  The Millennium Falcon is the best.

And for number two…


Star Trek.

A big thing in geekdom is the debate between which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek.  In that particular war, I choose to remain neutral.  I love them both… but for different reasons.

My appreciation for Trek actually grew as I got older.  The fact that it deals with highbrow issues centered on the future of humanity makes it a bit more cerebral in a lot of ways.  I’m fascinated by the near 50 years of mythology it has managed to weave into our cultural landscape.  There’s so much there to take in, something for everyone, and I’m sure there is plenty more to come.  I’m looking forward to all of it.

I chose this patch because the Enterprise is also the best.  (You can have two bests, right?)

So there it is.  The first of many patches to come.

Which one will be next?

Tune in next time as we continue to patch our way into pop culture glory!



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